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Sniffer Robotics Receives Pre-Seed Investment

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We are very excited and pleased to announce that Sniffer Robotics has secured Pre-Seed funding from a strategic investor with deep industry experience and connections. The strategic investor shares in the vision to automate surface emissions monitoring (SEM) in the solid waste industry, and sees the ability to realize this objective with Sniffer Robotics' developing technology.

With Sniffer's patent-pending technology, near surface methane (CH4) emissions are being measured by a semi-automated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV - drone) with an on-board advanced closed-path tunable diode laser (TDL) detector technology. Identification and isolation of emissions at near-surface discrete locations, with near real-time reporting for remediation is possible. The technology delivers a semi-automated process that provides a faster, more accurate, and safer process for meeting Method 21 requirements. Additional benefits of Sniffer Robotics' technology are foreseen including the ability to more accurately measure, quantify, and report methane emissions for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting purposes. The technology is also applicable to related industries interested in quantifying methane emissions at ground level, for example, determining emissions from buried pipelines.

This partnership enables Sniffer Robotics to advance our innovative SEM technology and build the business infrastructure necessary for commercialization. We are excited to take this next big step in the evolution of our business. More information regarding this transaction will be provided in a future formal release.

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