Providing actionable information in a highly dynamic and concise manner, SnifferVIEW presents geospatial data captured by Sniffer Robotics with effective analytics and management tools.






A.  Three viewing windows providing high resolution RGB, radiometric thermal, and topo surveys.  Each window is synchronized to the movement of the main window.​


B.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for quick assessments & feedback ​


C.  Main window provides SEM summary data generated from SnifferDRONE or Manual SEM, with path and exceedance locations. 


D.  Exceedances are dynamically updated as the main window is zoomed in/out.  Click on the exceedances to highlight the area of concern. 


​E.  Filter view based on activity

Examples of applications using SnifferVIEW:

  • Landfill cover integrity assessments

  • Watershed and erosion analyses

  • Building and land inspection

  • Asset inventory and categorization

Access to SnifferVIEW is available for an annual subscription fee through ESRIContact us to learn more about this exciting tool and how it benefits your operation.


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