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We live in a technology world - one that is aggressively challenging the status quo and severely disrupting our everyday practices. New solutions, that a short time ago did not seem possible, are being adopted with increased urgency.   

Sniffer is leveraging the latest technologies to automate manual methods for gas detection. Our initial focus area is the Municipal Solid Waste industry where methane (CH4) gas is generated by the decomposition of waste. Due to methane's high potency and contribution to climate change, federal and state regulations require the industry to detect and remediate methane gas release into the atmosphere. Sniffer Robotics is developing a safer, faster and more accurate technology (patent pending) that provides impactful benefits to the industry and the environment.   

Click here to learn more about Sniffer's technology for automating surface emissions monitoring (SEM).

Sniffer is a "technology as a service" (TaaS) company.  We develop advanced technologies and provide the service to deliver the solutions. While our company's initial efforts were to automate surface emissions monitoring, we are building a company focused on providing a more effective and accurate means of providing actionable data to the environmental industry, through automated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based solutions.

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