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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Where methane is money!

Emit Less! Earn More!

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills, biogas operations at farms (dairy, swine, other), wastewater treatment facilities and alike are capturing methane from their operations and converting it to renewable natural gas. It's a win for the company, and the environment! 

With today's high value of renewable natural gas, owners and developers are especially keen on collecting all otherwise emitted gas. 

But, even the best run facilities are emitting methane unknowingly. These gas "losses" are harmful to the environment and to the company's financials. Methane can be captured and converted into renewable natural gas and sold as energy. Therefore, minimizing methane emitted to the atmosphere is both responsible and profitable.

We help by deploying a number of technologies, methods, and solutions to detect "lost" gas, and provide visually rich, accurate, and actionable information. Our work is beneficial to your bottom line - we call it "Sniffing for Dollars".


RNG Coalition
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"Sniffing for Dollars" - It's What We Do Best!

Data Collection
with Integrity

Whether we collect data manually or via automation tools such as the SnifferDRONE, we do so objectively, comprehensively, and accurately. 

Digitizing the Surface

Our SnifferDRONE precisely, comprehensively, and objectively captures methane emissions data from the subject area scan. The amount of data captured is determined by the purpose of the study. Data captured includes methane concentration (ppm), GPS coordinates (lat/long), wind data and much more.  


Visual Information that "Shows" the Story

The actionable information we present to our customers is precise, accurate, and visually stunning. We provide the industry's most advanced level of information and detail to aid in capturing more gas.  


With rich visual cues, gain new insights as to where "lost" gas offers opportunities for increased gas capture and ROI.


Precise, accurate, and verifiable leak sources and their locations are reported by the SnifferDRONE with 90% accuracy.  


Temporal studies verify effects of increased capture efforts and their correlation to additional gas in the pipe.

Other services and solutions provided for this market

Manual SEM.JPG

Method 21

US EPA Compliance

"Boots on the Ground", manual surface emissions monitoring method for US EPA quarterly compliance.

SnifferDRONE II.png


US EPA Compliance

SnifferDRONE automation for surface emissions monitoring compliant with US EPA regulations.


Comprehensive Emission Studies

Providing engineers the information to capture more gas, reduce odors, and improve operations.


Sniffer Field Ops™


Mobile app solution used for field reporting, monitoring, and automated reporting to benefit  operations.


Custom GIS Solutions

Improve operational workflow and deliver actionable insights through customized Esri and ArcGIS solutions.

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