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Sniffer Field Ops™

With only 10 days to remediate a methane leak at a landfill, the speed of reporting the leak is critical. 


Sniffer Field Ops (SFO) is a mobile device app that instantly notifies site engineers of exceedances found by our technicians during their inspection. Email alerts contain a link that directs the user to the app on their mobile device, where full details of the location and exceedance can be accessed. Details include the GPS coordinates, methane concentration, potential cause, photograph of the location, etc.

Developed and maintained by Sniffer, SFO is available via an annual license. 
An annual set-up fee may also apply. 
Contact Sniffer for information about licensing this software app.


Sniffer's workflow and symbology efficiently reports the status and performance of the quarterly emissions monitoring event.

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