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Biogas and Agriculture

Emissions Monitoring Programs for
Environmental Responsibility and Operational Sustainability

Releasing methane into the atmosphere is to be avoided for environmental reasons. But releasing methane into the atmosphere is also bad business because it can be captured and converted to energy. Many farms have invested millions in renewable natural gas infrastructure to capture methane gas and convert it to energy. Along with these investments, a greater emphasis is being placed on operations and maintenance to detect methane releases and repair them. 

Sniffer provides technologies, methodologies, and a full range of services to MONITOR emissions and leak sources, help REMEDIATE, and VERIFY the results (MRV).



Biogas Lagoons

Emissions monitoring & leak detection with the SnifferDRONE.

Anchor trenches, seams, pin holes, and other sources over and around lagoon geosynthetic cover systems may be sources of methane leaks. The geosynthetic covers are generally black in color (light absorbing), may rise to over 10' in height due to positive gas pressure, and feature straps for ballast. These characteristics create challenges for most emission monitoring methods.

The SnifferDRONE's ability to precisely capture low-level methane concentration data, regardless of background color interferences and changes in topography or geometry of the surface, allows discrete methane leak sources to be precisely detected. The SnifferDRONE is able to detect elevated methane concentrations and accurately locate leaks, allowing for efficient and effective localization by field technicians as required for remediation.  

Methane emission estimates can also be calculated from the data acquired by the SnifferDRONE. The combined leak source locations and quantification estimates help sites identify areas for further inspection, remediation, and prioritization for the greatest gain.

The SnifferDRONE as it is scanning the surface of a lagoon collecting methane emissions data.
An interpolated ("heat map") showing elevated methane emissions as measured by the SnifferDRONE.

Additional services and solutions for this industry


Method 21 Leak Detection


US EPA approved method for leak detection is performed by Sniffer field technicians. 


Sniffer Field Ops™


Mobile app solution used for field reporting, monitoring, and automated reporting to benefit  operations.


Custom GIS Solutions

Improve operational workflow and deliver actionable insights through customized Esri and ArcGIS solutions.

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