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Landfills and Waste Management

It's in our DNA

Our business began on a landfill in 2016 when we were allowed to develop and test our SnifferDRONE concept. We're grateful to the industry who sponsored the development of our technology and launched our journey. We have since developed a range of services and solutions for the waste industry. Today we are recognized as an industry leader for emissions monitoring, while providing additional complementary solutions to further increase our value to the industry. 




We work for all the major waste companies (private 

and municipalities) and are an industry leader for emissions monitoring services. 


We developed a groundbreaking drone technology and software solution for emissions monitoring that is revolutionizing the industry.  


Consistent quality of results is a requirement for our work. Our methods, solutions, and technologies raise the expectations in the industry.


The value we provide is represented in our high annual retention rate. We seek to keep you as a customer for life. 

Our Value to the Industry

Services and Solutions Provided

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