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Aerial Imagery Services

Sniffer provides a wealth of services to help you make informed decisions.

Radiometric thermal imaging is used to identify surface temperatures and relative surface temperature variations. Sniffer's advanced radiometric thermal sensors provide the ability to identify surface temperatures, hot spots, and temperature variations for a variety of applications.  

Thermal Imaging


Multi-spectral imagery is used to capture reflectance at specific wavelength frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light. Sniffer uses advanced multispectral sensors and imaging processing solutions to produce precise & accurate measurements. Typical applications include determining vegetation density and health, gas emissions, watershed analysis, and others.

Multi-spectral & Near IR

Aerial Imagery

High-resolution RGB photography and 4K videography is used for asset identification, inspection, and monitoring. When used with SnifferVIEW, a powerful online living library creates an effective tool.   

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