When site owners need a thorough, efficient, and safe method to monitor methane surface emissions, Sniffer Robotics offers an automated, patent-pending solution.

Sniffer Robotics' technology utilizes advanced closed-path methane detector sensor technology onboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The system autonomously, accurately, and efficiently, performs methane surface emission monitoring for solid waste landfills. 

Exceedances with GPS coordinates and other operational data are logged with related imagery during the operation, allowing for immediate onsite visual inspection. 

SnifferDRONE provides the following operational and environmental benefits:

  • Compliant - SnifferDRONE was designed to meet EPA requirements for surface emissions monitoring (40 CFR Part 60 Subpart WWW, and 40 CFR 60, Appendix A, Method 21). A compliance white paper is available upon request under NDA.

  • Safe - Technicians no longer need to walk the entire landfill surface to manually perform surface emissions monitoring. 

  • Fast - 30 acres can be inspected within 15-20 minutes of flight time.  

  • Efficient - 30-meter spacing is programmatically controlled and recorded.  Reports are automated and are available either through SnifferVIEW online portal or via hard-copy reports. 

  • Accurate - Virtually eliminates technician subjectivity. The SEM operation can be repeated with consistent results, and elevated methane concentrations measured by the SnifferDRONE are manually confirmed. 

  • Transparent - Data integrity is assured with automated, detailed reports.  Through the use of SnifferVIEW, SEM data is mapped and presented with related geospatial data to provide visually appealing and highly detailed reports that provide actionable information.

  • Goes where others do not - SnifferDRONE may be used on areas where technicians are generally not permitted (high vegetation, aggressive slopes, active areas, exposed geosynthetic covers, icy conditions, and other hazardous areas).

When SnifferDRONE data is seen through SnifferVIEW™, a compelling story is told.


Provides key operational data in real-time, including methane gas concentration measurements with GPS coordinates.  


Elevated methane concentrations logged during the SnifferDRONE operation can be viewed from a mobile device to allow the technician to locate and verify the elevated methane concentration.  The app, named

SnifferLOCATE™, is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  

Automated SnifferDRONE methane emissions data may be combined with manually inspected SEM data and aerial data services to generate a comprehensive landfill cover integrity assessment.  The assessment provides site engineers with raw data and analytics within a dynamic graphical user interface for a complete view of the cover. 

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