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Industry's best available solution for detecting & quantifying land-based emissions.

Product Highlights

  • Contains an integrated emissions monitoring system with hardware and software specifically designed for the application.

  • Laser-guided "terrain hugging" and patented "hozzle" enables air samples to be collected at ground surface.

  • Better process control of emissions monitoring through pre-programmed flight paths and objective data collection.

  • Analytics of data, including temporal gas studies, emissions quantification (estimated gas flux), & operational KPIs.

  • Versatile: useful for US EPA compliance and emission studies.

  • >90% accurate at identifying leak sources.

  • 50% faster than manual inspection for large terrestrial applications.

The patented* SnifferDRONE is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) useful for collecting land-based emissions data over large areas. The tool automates the method that is otherwise performed manually, providing a safer, more efficient, more effective, and comprehensive system solution.

The SnifferDRONE UAS consists of a package, designed and built by Sniffer Robotics, adapted to a commercially available unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV - drone). The integrated system includes the following:

  • Gas detector specific to application (Methane or Hydrogen Sulfide)

  • Flexible hose and weighted nozzle ("hozzle").

  • Laser-guided system to enable terrain hugging capabilities

  • Software for flight planning, flight control, in-flight reporting, algorithms for leak source detection and data management.


During flight, the UAS continuously collects air samples from the ground through the weighted nozzle, pumps the air samples to the onboard detector, measures the methane concentration, and reports leak source locations with GPS coordinates with 90% accuracy.

Data and leak source locations are pushed to a mobile app (Sniffer Field Ops), allowing field technicians to quickly inspect the locations if required. 


Are you a site owner interested in receiving a demonstration of the SnifferDRONE for your application? Sniffer performs work throughout the US and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the value of the SnifferDRONE UAS for compliance or study purposes. Please use the contact page to provide information about your application. We will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss your application. Thank you.

Are you interested in purchasing the SnifferDRONE for your own use? Sniffer Robotics' business model in the United States is to offer emissions monitoring services using the SnifferDRONE. Internationally, we have received considerable interest from companies interested in using the SnifferDRONE for their own use - either on their own sites, or as a service partner who will offer emissions monitoring services to their customers. If you are interested in discussing this possibility, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about partnering. Please send an email to with details of your thoughts for evaluation.

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