The industry's best available technology for detecting methane gas at the surface of land applications.


The patent-pending SnifferDRONE is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) providing the solid waste (landfill), natural gas pipeline, and related industries an alternative to the archaic, manual method for detecting methane at ground surfaces.  The method to identify methane gas for terrestrial applications is referred to as "Surface Emissions Monitoring" (SEM).  We provide an alternative and autonomous means for SEM using the SnifferDRONE.

The SnifferDRONE features a closed-path methane detector onboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV - drone).  A gas collection hose with a weighted air inlet nozzle is suspended from the drone to collect gas samples at the ground surface during flight operations. 


The air inlet nozzle's position at the ground is assured by the drone's active "terrain hugging" technology.  Terrain hugging is accomplished via an onboard laser system that actively monitors the distance between the ground and the drone and


adjusts the drone's altitude autonomously to maintain the pre-determined distance throughout the flight.  This feature ensures the air inlet nozzle travels along the ground where air samples are collected. The system is able to accurately and efficiently collect at-surface methane emissions data over a variety of surfaces including dense vegetation.


Since methane is collected through the inlet nozzle at the surface, methane concentration levels are reported in parts per million (PPM) with precise location data.  The SnifferDRONE objectively collects and reports raw methane data that can serve two purposes.


Whether for an informational "Big Picture" view, or for compliance purposes, the SnifferDRONE is a safe, efficient, and highly effective tool for your operations.

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Site owners are actively using the SnifferDRONE as a tool in conjunction with quarterly surface emissions monitoring. 


Aggregated information as "heat" maps (as shown above), 100' grids, or other reporting means are provided for this purpose. 


Information provided in this manner helps site owners identify emissions sources/locations while helping prioritize investments and expenditures for remediation.  Site owners and consulting engineers are also using this information for improved gas collection system design efficiency.  Reports provided are as comprehensive as necessary to tell the story of the landfill cover's integrity, methane emissions, and leak locations.  

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The SnifferDRONE was designed to meet EPA requirements for surface emissions monitoring (40 CFR Part 60 Subpart WWW / Subpart XXX, and 40 CFR 60, Appendix A, Method 21) for identifying elevated concentrations of methane.  When used in conjunction with manual verification, this compliant 2-step approach provides a safer, more efficient, effective, and compliant solution for identifying methane exceedances. 

Sniffer's daily reports are provided directly after our inspection to aid in quick remediation.  The reports include GPS coordinates of the exceedance locations, methane measurement (PPM), observations of the potential cause, and photos of the location.    

Our quarterly compliance reports are professional, accurate, and complete.

We enable informed decisions by providing comprehensive and concise information.  Learn more about how we "INFORM for Action".

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