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The industry's best available solution for detecting land-based methane leaks and quantifying emissions.


The patented* SnifferDRONE is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) providing the solid waste (landfill), natural gas pipeline, and related industries an alternative to the archaic and manual method for detecting methane at ground surfaces.  The method to identify methane gas for land-based applications is referred to as "Surface Emissions Monitoring" (SEM).  We provide an alternative means for SEM using the SnifferDRONE.

The SnifferDRONE's "hyper-local" solution is unique in its ability to collect air samples directly at the ground surface, measure the methane concentration within the collected air samples in parts per million (ppm), and report specific methane leak locations. Beneficial data collected during the operation can be transformed into a actionable information specific to the intended purpose.  Examples of the available information include:

  • Specific leak locations (GPS coordinates and methane concentrations) with 90% accuracy

  • Estimated fugitive emissions (gas flux) and lost revenue reported in dollars

  • Temporal analytics tracking gas migration on the site in conjunction with operational changes.

  • Site imagery for cover integrity studies


Finding more leaks is also useful in helping sites reduce odor sources. Though methane is odorless, leak sources may also emit odorous gases.  Since the SnifferDRONE identifies more leak sources, sites have demonstrated the usefulness of using the SnifferDRONE to better address odor sources.  


The SnifferDRONE may be used for study purposes or as part of a US EPA approved method for NSPS compliance.  

SnifferDRONE for

methane emissions.png

Site owners are actively using the SnifferDRONE as a tool to obtain actionable insights as to their site's emissions.  The SnifferDRONE, used for study purposes is useful for assessing site emissions, improving gas collection, and reducing landfill odors.

The SnifferDRONE Method for


The SnifferDRONE Method was broadly approved by the EPA as an alternative for surface emissions monitoring. The SnifferDRONE method as prescribed by the US EPA results in improved methane leak detection that is safer and more efficient than the traditional manual method.

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