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The Waste Industry's Best Available & Most Comprehensive Method for Detecting Methane Emissions. 
OTM-51 / ALT-150

SnifferDRONE over Wisconsin.JPEG

On December 15, 2022, the US EPA issued Alternative Test Letter (ALT-150) announcing broad-based and immediate approval of

Other Test Method 51 (OTM-51) - UAS Application of Method 21 for Surface Emission Monitoring for landfill applications. This new method features the SnifferDRONE automation tool as a means to scan the surface of the landfill for methane leaks.  Data confirms that the SnifferDRONE and method thereof, results in a safer operation overall, greater process control, greater efficiency, and improved methane leak detection. It is the industry's best and most comprehensive method for monitoring landfill emissions.

The Sniffer team provides the OTM-51 service to landfill operators throughout the United States.

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