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Cover Integrity Inspection Services

Landfill site owners/operators are required to monitor and maintain landfills once they are closed and throughout the post-closure period, according to US EPA 40 CFR Part 258, Subpart F. This includes inspecting the effectiveness of the final cover system - an engineered solution generally consisting of soil and a vegetative cover. The purpose of the final cover system is to minimize water infiltration and limit the exposure of waste and harmful gases generated from the waste decomposition process.


Professional Results

Sniffer offers a cover integrity inspection service that provides a professional and disciplined solution for monitoring and reporting for compliance and operational remediation purposes.  

Using Sniffer Field Ops mobile app, technicians record cover issues with photographs, GPS coordinates, and additional information. At the end of the inspection, automated reports with online viewing are provided to aid remediation. Verification inspection is also performed with details recorded similarly. KPIs and performance reports are provided.


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Sniffer's Field Ops mobile app is used by technicians to precisely and accurately report issues. Customers can also use the app to view our technicians' work and reported issues.

Daily Report Sample.png

Our daily reports provide customers detailed and precise information to help remediate issues quickly and effectively.  Download a sample daily report.

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Date:  Oct-11

Issue:  Rills

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