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GIS Custom Solutions

We develop GIS/mapping software applications for customers to improve operational efficiency and storytelling.  
Our GIS solutions "Inform for Action"
Data integrity starts at the source. Sniffer's user interfaces and logic for mobile device applications are designed with the user in mind.

Geographic information systems (GIS) is a software solution that manages and analyzes data that is related to location data. GIS Information should answer not just what, when, and how, but also where. Information is presented dynamically and visually to engage collaboration and help drive more informed decisions.

Our guiding principles of GIS software development 

Ensure Integrity

Make it


Make it 


Provide it


Inform for Action

Sniffer is an Esri Network Partner. We license, develop, and provide back-end solutions for Esri software solutions.
Improving operations through field mapping tools

An investor-owned waste company hired Sniffer to develop a software app to collect visual inspection data during monthly inspections of onsite infrastructure. The data collected involve more than 30 data input fields, location data, and imagery.

Sniffer chose ArcGIS Field Maps as the base software platform and customized the software to fit the customer's specific application. The customization included workflow logic, symbology, reporting, and executive level KPIs.


Sniffer licensed the software and manages the data for the customer. The solution has resulted in  improved team collaboration and operational efficiency.


ArcGIS Field Maps

An essential software platform for fieldwork. Customization is available for unique and complicated workflows. 

Business Deal


We license ArcGIS and related Esri software solutions

Working in Front of Multiple Screens

Customization & Development

We customize and develop apps for customer specific needs 


Analyze & Manage

We analyze and manage data to ensure integrity

GIS Software Services we provide

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