Preparing for NSPS XXX

Be prepared! 


40 CFR Part 60.764 NPS Subpart XXX regulations are looming and if enacted as currently written, Tier 4 site owners may be required to monitor all cover penetrations.  While these regulations have yet to be enacted, customers are anticipating these regulations by contracting Sniffer Robotics' technicians to inspect their cover penetrations.

To date, 10-25% of all cover penetrations inspected are emitting methane above the 500 PPM concentration threshold (exceedance).  Our inspection includes gas well, risers, sumps, leachate manhole covers, caisson wells, and all other penetrations.  During our inspection, our team records penetration number, GPS locations, methane concentration, and provides commentary on the emitting source and possible corrective actions.  Exceedance locations are then flagged and photos are taken for tracking purposes. 

After the initial inspection, subsequent inspections are performed for 10-day, 10-day, and 30-day re-checks as required.


Inspection reports are provided to the customer at the end of each daily inspection.  The report contains:


  • Methane concentration (PPM)

  • GPS coordinates

  • Cover penetration details

  • Potential cause and/or suggested corrective action

  • Photograph of exceedance location

  • Additional notes


At the end of the 30-day inspection, a formal report can be provided for regulatory compliance purposes, if so required.

Penetration details are also reported in SnifferVIEW™ for customer viewing.  This online, secure portal provides rich data and imagery within a dynamic mapping tool and can be used operationally to aid in onsite remediation and monitor remediation performance. 


Cover penetration inspection data can be combined with our automated SEM (SnifferDRONE™), manual surface emissions monitoring (SEM), and advanced imagery for a complete landfill cover integrity assessment.  

Example of Sniffer Robotics' cover penetrations data


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