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Don’t be Dangerous

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Today we introduced our technology and solution to the industry. It’s been nearly two years of effort but we finally have the product to show, and we are proud of our accomplishments to date.

Yes, we’ve had a “working hypothesis” and lots of customer feedback, but you never know how the industry will really react until the product is revealed and you begin to ask for money. We are very surprised by the positive reactions and comments received so far. We are very excited to move forward!

We have a terrific team. All members are seasoned veterans - some more seasoned than others - remarkably talented and committed to realizing the vision for this business. We also work well together, and are having a lot of fun.

Knowing our technology and solution will bring change to the industry, we are trying to make the value we bring to the industry so compelling that the industry cannot say “no”. So, as we are working hard to deliver compelling value to the industry, we ask the industry not to be dangerous.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


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