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Good Morning Wisconsin!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

From the US Virgin Islands (last month) to Wisconsin. Our team gets around!!

Customers are using our team, technology, and workflow to gain keen insights that benefit their operations and their compliance record. Our customers are also demonstrating they are good citizens by using the industry's most advanced technology to help identify and address potential odor-causing gas leaks that are a nuisance to their neighbors.

The customer asked Sniffer to provide a detailed analysis of surface and cover penetration emissions involving a combination of our technology, trained personnel, and advanced reporting. In this particular case, the site owner contracted Sniffer to perform the following:

  1. Provide a baseline for surface emissions monitoring while identifying problem areas and prepare their site for new and more restrictive NESHAP and XXX NSPS regulations that are soon to be implemented

  2. Compare our survey to previous quarterly surface emissions monitoring (SEM) surveys to determine if an examination of their current means/methods should be adjusted.

  3. Provide an asset list of all penetrations with specific GPS coordinates, photos, and commentary.

  4. Identify cover penetrations requiring corrective measures.

  5. Use Sniffer data to help identify areas of deficient gas collection and aid in the planning or replacement of gas collection system infrastructure.

Despite the 14-20 degree temperature and high winds, our team worked professionally, completed the project, and delivered the information the customer needed. The feedback was extremely positive as the work performed was of great value to the customer.

The SnifferDRONE, and our team, are providing comprehensive information new to the industry that is having an impact on how landfills are managed, including how they look at emissions. Let us know how we can help you!

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