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Announcing Sniffer Field Ops™ for Landfill Site Engineers and Managers

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Sniffer Robotics announces the release of Sniffer Field Ops™ - a software solution based on the ArcGIS Field Maps app, available through iOS and Android mobile devices.

Landfill site managers require fast and accurate information about onsite emissions and cover integrity issues during technician's work onsite. Attacking these issues as soon as they are reported improves operational performance by reducing odors, improving compliance response rates, and reducing overall costs by reducing the need for follow-up inspections.

Sniffer developed this add-on solution to provide details reported by our technicians during manual site inspections, to site managers as soon as issues are reported. Once details are logged, an alert is sent to the site manager with a notification of the issue and a link to view details from within their mobile app. All details reported by our technicians including GPS coordinates, photographs, potential root causes, emissions concentration levels (etc.) are available through the app.

Prior to our technicians arriving onsite to your facility for methane emissions quarterly inspections, Sniffer has devised a unique icon to communicate the location of reported exceedances and the status of subsequent follow-up inspections. A pin is placed over the location on the map according to the key shown to the right, providing the user a visual data to help quickly assess the status of compliance inspections.

The ArcGIS Field Maps app serves as the platform for this solution. Sniffer has developed specific workflows, icons, automation tools, and provides back-end support specific to the needs of the solid waste landfill industry. As an ESRI Silver Partner, Sniffer has developed the industry specific application and offers this tool for an annual subscription.

Contact Sniffer Robotics for further information.

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