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Sniffer Robotics is now an Esri Network Partner

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Sniffer Robotics, a pioneer in automated gas emissions detection, has agreed to use Esri‘s geographical information system (GIS) software as the platform for managing and sharing geospatial data and imagery with key customers. Data and imagery collected by Sniffer Robotics during operations can now be shared with customers directly via Esri’s secure online portal accessible through desktop and mobile devices.

As a Network Partner for Esri’s software, Sniffer Robotics can also provide support to customers for Esri software solutions. Sniffer Robotics is also developing software solutions based on the Esri software platform specific to Sniffer's solution offering.

Further information about Esri’s software solutions can be found at Information about Sniffer Robotics and Esri can be found here.

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