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Why are we testing a SnifferDRONE "dooley"?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

During the past couple weeks we had the chance to fly multiple SnifferDRONEs as part of ongoing performance tests. Due to recent hardware and software upgrades we are now able to fly multiple drones simultaneously over the same areas. This new ability allows us to collect a much larger and more diversified data set, as part of our ongoing testing and development plan.

This recent test plan included flying multiple SnifferDRONEs multiple times, over a 10 acre test plot on separate days during differing weather conditions. Simultaneously, manual surface emissions monitoring was performed over the same area to generate comparative data between the manual and aerial operations.

The results confirmed that more than 95% of all surface leaks locations reported by the SnifferDRONE can be manually verified within 44 feet, with an average distance of less than 22 feet. Our studies also show no correlation between wind speed or direction and the distance or direction from where the SnifferDRONE reported the leak and where the leak was manually verified. We are also finding the SnifferDRONE's accuracy for reporting the leak location is improving over time.

How do these results benefit our customers and the environment?

After we fly a site we provide the customer a map plotting methane emissions above pre-determined thresholds, with two rings around the leak location as shown below. The two rings represent the 22 ft average distance (inner ring) and the 44 ft 95% distance (outer ring). We call this our programmatic localization capability. We are confident in the SnifferDRONE's ability to provide detailed, accurate, and actionable data to our customers, that help to efficiently and effectively reduce methane emissions harmful to the environment.

Localization of leaks
Programmatic localization of methane gas leaks as reported by the SnifferDRONE.

Our studies continue to confirm the capabilities and performance of the SnifferDRONE's system to objectively identify methane emissions. Landfill site owners are using our system to better identify their leak sources, and are reporting that our tools and approach are improving their compliance records and reducing their site odors.

Use our online contact form to discuss your project and/or schedule a site visit.

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