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OTM-51 / ALT-150

The waste industry's first and only automated method for surface emissions monitoring.

Improve Your Environment!

We are a technology-enabled service company focused on transforming the industries we serve. We provide clear, concise, and actionable information that leads to wiser and more beneficial decisions. Our solutions, technologies, and methods improve working environments, and THE environment. 

Our Approach

Relationships built on trust.


Data is not our friend. Actionable information is! Sniffer provides data management, analytics and calculations to provide visual information that is clear, concise, and actionable.  

Advanced technologies, best practices, and professional technicians acquire data precisely and accurately. Data acquired with integrity serves as the building block of effective analysis.

Collect data with integrity.

Transform data to action.

Serve always.

We are passionate about our customers. Our objective is to know you and your needs intimately, and provide long-lasting value with integrity and unceasing professionalism. 

"Game Changer"

Engineering Manager at an investor-owned solid waste company
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