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Sniffer Robotics is a pioneer, developer, and solutions provider.  We automate manual and labor-intensive processes to improve safety and efficiency, while delivering rich information to enable wise and impactful decisions.


Automated Surface Emissions Monitoring (SEM)


SnifferDRONE™ is the industry's first automated solution for surface emissions monitoring (SEM).  The solution is safe, efficient, and accurate, and is able to monitor unsafe areas that are generally not monitored by technicians. 


Landfill Cover Integrity Assurance

SnifferVIEW™ provides site engineers with a comprehensive view of the integrity of their landfill cover system.  Multiple windows are dynamically synchronized to zoom to particular trouble areas to provide high-resolution imagery, radiometric thermal scans, topographical surveys and gas emissions data, viewable simultaneously.  The tool also provides KPI, trend analyses and a regulatory compliance view that 


Landfill Cover Integrity Assessments

SnifferVIEW™ provides site engineers with a dashboard view of the integrity of their landfill cover system. Data acquired during Sniffer Robotics onsite operations are presented in this online software portal.  The software solution provides KPIs, raw data and a regulatory compliance view, with multiple geospatial imagery views within a rich graphical user interface.

Aerial Data Services

Data That Informs


From digital elevation models to vegetation indices, Sniffer Robotics has the appropriate technology and expertise to deliver the required solution. We have an extensive list of aerial data acquisition capabilities offered as a service.  

Surface Emissions

Monitoring (SEM)

Air Quality Compliance

Sniffer Robotics provides surface emissions monitoring compliant with the requirements of US EPA 40 CFR 60.755, and 40 CFR 60, Appendix A, Method 21.  


Manual SEM may also be provided as part of Sniffer Robotics cover integrity services utilizing SnifferVIEW.

Penetration Monitoring

Be Prepared!


Be prepared for pending rules requiring cover penetrations monitoring.  Sniffer Robotics technicians are available to assist and provide comprehensive analysis as to your preparedness of the new rules.

UAV Flight Services

We Are Safe Operating Professionals

Sniffer Robotics is a "technology as a service" provider, meaning, we provide flight services for the technology we are developing.  Our pilots are Part 107 FAA certified, have extensive remote pilot experience, and are continuously trained on new FAA and drone equipment technologies. 


While you may be led to us through our technology and advanced solutions, our service will keep you a long-term customer.


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