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Sniffer Robotics Welcomes Caitlin Conley as Manager, GIS & Data Transformation

Updated: May 10

May 8, 2024 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Sniffer Robotics is excited to welcome Caitlin Conley to our team to fill the newly-created Manager of GIS and Data Transformation position! 


In her new role, Caitlin will lead our GIS team and help us to further develop and expand our GIS offerings across industries. Caitlin brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and project management skills to Sniffer. She also holds a BS in Earth Science and Meteorology from Michigan State University, a Master of Science in Atmospheric Sciences from Ohio State University, and is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP).   


“I am delighted to be joining Sniffer Robotics as the GIS and Data Transformation Manager,” says Caitlin. “As someone with a passion for our planet, I was excited by the opportunity to use my years of geospatial professional experience combined with my atmospheric science background to develop, maintain, analyze, and report high-quality data that will have positive impacts within the industries we support, as well as for the health of the planet. I look forward to growing and developing alongside my team as we work hard to provide our clients with the data essential for making informed decisions about emission detection and mitigation.” 

About Sniffer Robotics

Sniffer Robotics is a leading environmental technology enabled services firm serving the waste industry. Sites benefit by adopting Sniffer’s solutions to improve operational performance, increase revenue by capturing more gas for conversion to energy, and address landfill odors by better detecting gas leak sources. Focused on improving operations and our environment, Sniffer’s automation tools and software solutions provide efficient, comprehensive data collection and advanced reporting and analytics that “inform for action”. Learn more at

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